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What do I want with my homepage?

The farm problem...

A new problem to solve…

Something good to cook…

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What do I want with my homepage?

Most homepages are made by men, because mostly it's men who are interested in computers and skilful at internet.

But now I think it's time for us women to make our own homepages, so that's why I've started to make my own.

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The farm problem...

Last month I gave you a farm problem... about the farmer who had 24 animals with 68 feet altogether.

The animals were sheep and hens. The question was: "How many were sheep and how many were hens?".

The answer is that he had 10 sheep and 14 hens.

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A new problem to solve…

I'm very fond of solving problems, especially mathematical ones… so here I give you a new problem to solve.

The answer to this problem will appear in July-98. So you've got a while to think…

My favourite problems are of this kind...

Along a northbound street there are five houses.

The Swede lives in the brown house.

The Norwegian lives in the farthest north house.

The Spaniard owns a parrot.

The blue house is north of the red.

The owner of the Ford lives in the green house.

In the middle house they always drink coffee.

The owner of the cat is the neighbour of the Ford owner.

The owner of the Fiat has got a hamster.

The Russian only drinks water.

The Japanese drives a Toyota.

The neighbour of the boxer owner drives a motorbike.

The Norwegian lives next door to the yellow house.

The owner of the Opel mostly drinks lemonade.

In the red house the favourite drink is tea.

Now the questions are: Who owns the parrot and who drinks milk?


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Something good to cook…

I'm also fond of cooking, especially spicy food. Here's one of my favourites:

Greek dinner…

Chop one red chili fruit and some parsley.

Mix it with 500g mincemeat, some salt, pepper, lemon and paprika.

Make rolls of the meat.

Fry them 6-8 minutes and serve them with bread and tzatziki

(made of yoghurt, garlic, salt, pepper and cucumber).

Fried potatoes in shape of boats (easily made in the oven) are very nice to eat with the rest.

Nice meal…hope you enjoy it!

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Do you want to send me a mail?

You can mail me your own problems, recipes or whatever you like:


That's all from me! I hope you'll visit my page soon again…

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